Saturday – 9 MAY

CrossFit Longmont Family,

I am so excited that we are starting back up again! I know it won’t be the same with only four people in a class, but I will take anything I can get at this point!

Thank you for bringing equipment back! It was great to see people’s faces. The coaches have been hard at work sanitizing everything you brought back. I hope you liked all the changes you saw in the gym!

Thank you again for sticking with us through this pandemic! For keeping your membership active through this, please bring in anyone you would like for a free month. This includes kids, partners, friends… anyone! Several of you have asked about this and I am excited to meet the people you are bringing in. Although we won’t have Foundations, with class sizes of four, we can help new members learn the technique and skills they need.

Please don’t forget to sign up for classes on zen planner through the app or through our website.

And here are the details for the Saturday Zoom Class at 10am.

Join Zoom Meeting

Much love,


Murph Prep

4 Rounds
400 m run
1 min max push-up
1 min max air squat
1 min rest between rounds

Zoom Workout

Partner WOD
10 min AMRAP
12 Air Squats
8 Burpees

Right Into..

8 min AMRAP
12 Jumping Lunges
8 Push Ups

Switch partner each round

Plank Competition at the end

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