About The Gym



We are a community. We are passionate about fitness. We are family.

Our community is the base of everything we do in this gym whether it is our CrossFit, BootCamp, or Barbell classes. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will provide you with a positive, fun, and learning environment so you can thrive and improve your fitness

  • Our Whole-Hearted approach to fitness has proven results
  • Workouts are scaled to meet your needs and abilities

Here are some things you can expect at CrossFit Longmont:

  • You will be met with a warm greeting and a welcome into our beautiful gym whether it be by one of our members or our awesome coaches.
  • If you’ve never done CrossFit before, you will need to do our CrossFit Foundations (add Hyperlink) program. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of how to squat, press, deadlift, and do basic gymnastics movements. This will keep you safe and less confused when you take your first class.
  • You can expect to sweat and burn calories no matter what class you join.
  • You can expect a thorough briefing of the workout and the intent of the day’s session. It’s important for our athletes to meet the stimulus of the workout by adjusting the difficulty to their level.
  • You can expect our coaches to help you cater workouts to your needs and ability levels. Do not be afraid of any workout. Come in and talk with the coach. We can help ease those fears with modifications or motivation.
  • You can expect a community that is supportive and motivating! Our members are strong and fit and wonderful people. Just being around them will make you a better person.
  • You will find a coaching staff that cares about you, cares about the community, and is invested in the community. They’re here for your safety, your improvement as an athlete, and as an example of the program. You will often workout next to a coach who is taking a class.


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