What Our Gym Offers


Community-based fitness to get into the best shape of your life.Get stronger, faster, and improve your body composition with our community-based classes led by an experienced coach.


Olympic Lifting requires precision, consistency, strength and power. You will become an explosive athlete and move more weight in a supportive, energetic environment focusing on snatch and clean/jerk.


Sweat, build strength, and have fun in our lower impact, fast paced, and approachable class. Focus on bodyweight and cardio and get fit quick.


CrossFit Kids takes the principles of CrossFit’s methodology and makes it appropriate and beneficial to kids. Our CrossFit Kids classes are best suited for students between the ages of 8 and 16, but maturity and development is different for every adolescent. Our program is built to be fun, safe, and challenging. Our environment of positive reinforcement and learning will keep your child engaged and moving for the entire hour.


If you are new to Crossfit, you will start with our Foundations program. These are booked with a coach and consists of at least 3 sessions focused on introducing and refining movements to help prepare you to start CrossFit classes. Book your Free Intro to get started! 


The goal is to optimize level of intake with the amount of exercise and activity in your day. This is different for every individual. Our coaches can help dial in what will work for you. We also offer a non-invasive body composition analysis using an In Body Test.

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