Monday May 4 th

Track workout at noon at Altona middle school. Call or text Coach Kerry 770-557-9605 if you have questions.

warm up

2 rounds through
30 high knees

30 butt kickers

10 air squats

5 muscle cleans

5 front squats

5 back squats

2 lateral burpees over the bar

then use two sets to warm up to the weight doing one squat clean one front squat one power clean one back squat

“22:00 cap

100 Front Squat 95/65
100 Power Clean
100 Back Squat
every 2:00 (starting at 2:00), 5 lateral burpee over the bar”

No Equipment

warm up

2 rounds

30 high knees

30 butt kickers

10 up dog to down dog

20 plank shoulder taps

5 knee push ups

10 air squats

2 push ups

“For Time:
100 Push Ups
*Everytime you break do 10 Air Squats

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7 Responses
  1. Anjali

    182 capped, Rx
    19:52 Rx
    Things were great until the burpees started taking 45 seconds!
    Thank you for the squats, coach!

  2. Rachel Stelting

    203 capped, Rx

    Nice job finishing it up Nicole!
    I was no where close.
    Thank goodness for the time cap!!

  3. Ashley

    245 at cap Rx

    Stubborn so finished it out. Took 27:26. Should have just taken the cap haha

    Definitely should have written that with 3 burpees instead of 5. 🤔