Tuesday May 5th

warm up

200m run

10 air squats

10 up dogs to down dogs with a push up

10 down dog to pidgin

10 inch warms no push up

10 step ups

then 2 rounds alternate arms each rep

4 dumbbell squats

4 dumbbell dead lifts

4 dumbbell high pulls

4 dumbbell snatches

8 dumbbell step ups

4 dumbbell hang clean and jerk

2 devil press


“50 DB Squats 50/35 (single DB)
40 Alt DB Snatch
30 DB Box Step Up (single DB)
20 Hang DB Clean and Jerk (switch arms every 5)
10 Single Arm Devil Press (alternate arms)”

No Equipment

10 plank shoulder taps

10 up dog to down dog

5 down dog handstand push ups

4 wall kick ups

2 wall walks

6 wall facing shoulder touches

“10 min Practice of Handstand Walking

if you can’t handstand walk work on a 10 min emom 3 wall walks each min


wod warm up  2 rounds

4 lunges

8 mountain climbers

4 sit ups

4 jumping lunge

4 air squats


10 min AMRAP
10 Jumping Lunges
20 Moutain Climbers
20 Sit Ups”

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2 Responses
  1. Terrean Schmidgall

    Ran a 1/2 mile before and after wod. (Something I could convince my girls to do with me. 😜)
    Then used 15 and 25# dumb bells for wod. 7:49 time. So happy my shoulder/arm is feeling better.
    Hope you are all well!! Miss you CFL. ❤️

  2. Carlos Q

    That was a bit of a slog.
    50# for squats, step ups, and devil press
    35# for snatches and clean&jerk