Workout 1/1/2015



Looks like Dave is trying to prove himself as king of the box jump… if anyone beats this 54″ box jump (my PR is 53″:(…..) or does something awesome;  first muscle up,  snatches 200 pounds, climb a rope for the first time, etc. Enlist your coach to document your proof and you could end up as a star! (on our website) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

SS: Power Snatch 3×3, 2×2, 3×1
*Try to increase weight each set. Attempt PR if you feel good.

WOD: “Strict Almost Chelsea” 20 Minute EMOM (Chelsea is 30 Min)
5 Strict Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats
*For This WOD if you can do Strict Pull ups please go as many rounds as possible with Strict Pull ups until you get steam rolled, rest through the next two rounds (2 minutes), and finish the workout with kipping Pull ups.

*If you do not start the workout with strict Pull ups or are using a band to do strict pull ups and get steamrolled rest only the following round (1 Minute) and start again, repeat as many times as necessary.

*If you start the WOD doing Strict, get steamrolled, switch to kipping and get steamrolled again only rest for one round once you are kipping

*RX Score is number of COMPLETED rounds with STRICT Pull ups with a maximum score of 20
*Scaled score is 20-2 for every time you are steamrolled with a maximum score of 20