Workout 11/17/14


SS:4x 3 Front Squats+5 Back Squats at 100% of 5RM Front Squat

*Do 3 front squats, rerack barbell and switch to back squat position without resting

100′ Walking Lunge w/Dumbells or KBs 
30 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Pull ups ADV: Weighted pull ups any style, goal is 30/15 lbs

Core: Partner up and Perform 3xME Push Up Position Planks with plate on back 45/25

*No prescribed weight for the walking lunge, athletes should hold a weight in both hands that CHALLANGES them. they can be unevenly weighted or different objects (KB and DB) but stay away from the tiny kettlebells and baby dumbells please!