Wednesday July 6th


Back Squat

Stimulus: Heavy
Rest: 3-5 Minutes

Within ~1:00 after each set, perform 3 seated box jumps for maximal power. Sit on a box at approximately parallel and jump to a taller box for maximal explosiveness.

Rest 3-5 minutes after the box jumps.

Start at 75% and add weight each set, ending at a heavy double or 2RM.

Goal: sets of 3 are slightly heavier than last week. Attempt to hit the set of 2 you hit last week for 2 sets, or heavier (may go for 2RM if it feels good).


Squat Snatch

doubles @

60, 65, 70

65, 70, 75

70, 75, 80

snatch pulls

4×2 @ 110%

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