Monday – 18FEB

Kristin and Jay’s new edition, Hazel Ruth Turner


3 sets of Max Strict Pull Ups


3 Rounds for Time:
21 Toes to Bar
21 Cal Row

For the strength, we are looking for exactly what is written: 3 set of MAXIMUM amount of strict pull ups you can do. This means complete burn out on each set. Scale with banded pull ups. Score is total number of pull ups over three sets.

Today’s workout features lats, core, and cardio in a short, effective dose. Please scale as needed for this workout. If you get to less than two toes to bar at a time, scale down to raising your legs as high as you can. The amount you gain in constant movement outweighs the “going RX” and staring at the pull up bar. And final note, row hard.

PS Row Hard

PSS Row harder than you want to.