Monday – 15APR

1 min Row or Air Assault Bike test for Calories

Rest as needed in between tests

Test twice

12 min Time Cap


2 Snatches at 70-75%

Followed immediately by:

2 Snatches at 70-75%
4 Burpees
6 Air Squat

Things are going to get spicy today. What do you have in the tank? I want you to give it your all for one min. It’s only a minute. You may take turns on the bike or do one test on the rower and one on the bike. Share be nice.

Focus for the day is actively straightening the arms throughout the first two pulls of the Snatch. An early arm pull through the fastest part of the movement stifles the amount of power transferred to the bar.

Today’s METCON starts off slow to get you used to the pace and give you a chance to focus on your technique. The first EMOM should be squat snatches in order to practice for heavier lifts. If you miss, do it again that one does not count. At the 6 minute mark, we have to pack a lot more into the minute. If you get steamrolled (can’t finish the work in the minute), just continue on to the next and subtract some burpees and air squats. You do not have to do Squat Snatches for the second part.