Great Job on the “CF Open” CFL Coaches And Athletes!

29 Feb 169

Just wanted to say great job all around in completing our first week of the CF Open!  I believe this will be our best year yet, as a CF Box, in participation of the “Open” WODS.


I noticed some “good behavior” from our Athletes to include: being excited about their own performance and cheering on others to do well,  I also noticed some outstanding scores!  Way to go front runners!  Overall I was proud of us as an organization.  We even learned a few things as a staff and are making a few small adjustments to make the CrossFit Open even better for us.

Just a few Notes:

  •  Open WODS will be held at all Friday Classes, Saturday at 9AM and Sunday at 11AM, we are not permitting the open at any other times.
  • We will validate all scores by Monday evening, be sure to have submitted your score by then or CFHQ will not accept it.


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