Friday – 17 MAY


Hollow Rocks
Handstand Holds
DB Push Press
Hollow Rocks


2 Rounds for Time:
20 Bicep Curls
25 Shoulder Press
30 Bent Over Rows

Max set of push ups at the end of each round

Abs and shoulders for our METCON. Today is a bit lighter volume because this week has been hard and heavy. Pick a weight you can keep moving for 20 secs. Tabata=8 rounds of 20 sec of work, 10 sec of rest. Do all 8 rounds of the hollow rocks and then all 8 rounds of the handstand holds… etc. There is no rest in between each movement so be ready to transition.

For the accessory work, use the same dumbbell the whole time. Choose wisely. This is fast bodybuilding. Enjoy.