December, 8, 2015

SS1: Front Squat EMOM @70%
Minute 1,3 Front Squats, Minute 2, 6 Front Squats, 3, 9 Front Squats ETC.
*Athletes should go until they cannot complete all the front squats in the minute of work provided. If they complete minute 6 (18 Reps) (Which should be impossible given the percentage) they should stop, 6 Minutes is the max.
SS2: Back Squat EMOM @70% of FRONT SQUAT
*SS2 is at the same weight for SS1.
*Whatever the athletes last successful minute of front squats were at, is where they start on back squats. start a second EMOM once everyone is done and ready, athletes should start there, and work their way down in 3’s EMOM style.
Example: Athlete X completes the 3,6,9 and 12 Rounds, and doesn’t make it through the 15 round. Second EMOM athlete will back squat the same weight for 12 reps the first minute, 9 the 2nd, 6 the third, and 3 reps on the fourth. A little confusing but hopefully the explanation helps!
WOD: “Death by Pull up”
Minute 1, 1 pull up
Minute 2, 2 pull ups
etc until athlete gets steamrolled.
Core: 4 Round Tabata’s of:
Hollow Rocks
Russian Twists
Sit ups
*No break between movements
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