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Sarge on Current CFL Culture


CFL Athletes and Staff please accept my gratitude for all that you have contributed to CrossFit Longmont. Over the past year I have been witness to countless individual and group (team) contributions of what makes for an established CrossFit culture in a CrossFit “Box”.  I am honored to be apart of a team that  takes care of it’s own, a team that shows up, a team that donates time and energy, a team that donates funds to local and national Non-profits,   A-team that throws parties for fellow CFL Athletes in time of need and or celebration and of course I am proud to be apart of a team that works together to accomplish their own health and fitness goals.


As a CrossFit we are proud of our reputation as CFL.  This reputation stems from the culture that we have all contributed to. I have found this aspect of running a CF box to be most interesting.  For my chance at the soap box and the turning of the year I wanted to recognize whom we are  as CFL and where we should be going.  I believe we all may be here for some for the same reasons and I want to make sure I do my job in leadership by cultivating our common core values and drawing attention to aspects we need improvement on.


Whom we are: CFL

  • A community of Athletes residing in Longmont Colorado

  • A CF with a Yoga intention backed by CF mobility

  • A CF with a sanctioned USA Weightlifting Barbell Club

  • A CF with the ability to throw a Saturday fundraiser WOD to raise enough money to aid one of our athletes during a natural disaster

  • A CF who’s Coaches make hospital and home visits when an Athlete is down

  • We support our own by teaching each other safe technique and good decision making

  • We make new athletes feel welcome

  • A CF with 150 human CFL Athletes strong and ready

  • CF Athletes readily share gear, time, knowledge and space with other Athletes

  • After every WOD we do a great job of putting away our toys when we are finished

  • CFL raised just under $5000 in total for the Non-profit Organizations we support in 2014

  • CFL financially supported staff development in 2 CrossFit Certification and 3 USA Weightlifting Certifications in 2014


What we are reaching for: CFL 2015

  • A CF Community that builds on all we have been and seeks out improvement in other areas

  • 100% CFL Athlete and Coaching staff participation in our “Field Day” WODS

  • 2015 Budget of $3000 allotted for CFL staff and Athletes to attend CrossFit Certifications

  • Greeting each new CF Athlete and acting as a CFL Ambassador until the new Athlete feels at home

  • 1 burpee each time a train passes

  • CFL Intermediate and Advanced Athletes will be encouraged to help coach during the Strength and Skill portions of our WODS and at our foundations

  • We will be hosting our New Years Open Oly Meet end of January and have a goal of 30 of our very own CFL Athletes to Compete

  • As a staff we have a goal of delivering the CF WOD on time and in a professional manner at every WOD

  • We will be adding more WOD times and even CF Endurance WODS

  • Host the CFL  St. Pattys day competition that has 40 CFL Athletes competing, raises 1k to donate and fun for all involved

  • Host Saturday fundraiser WODs to include WODS for Dogs, BB for Boobs and Movember

  • Host 1-2 WODS on every Holiday besides Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • CFL will continue to be a clean, safe environment that athletes can consider their home away from home

I would like to thank all of you for your contribution in making CFL the wonderful place that it is. I’m looking forward to 2015 and what the new year will bring.

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