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Resolutions, Goals, and Commitment


It’s that time of year people are making resolutions and setting their goals for 2015. This month I want to talk about how to set realistic goals for yourself and how to achieve them. As coaches we want you to focus on performance goals as these will lead you to any other goals you may have.


Resolutions vs. Goals

A resolution is a promise of self-improvement for the coming year. It is a general statement to change one’s behavior. Resolutions are easily forgotten and we find ourselves making the same ones year after year. A goal is a written plan of action with specific outcomes. It starts with a resolution. For example I want to be healthier this year. Then you set specific goals to help you reach that resolution. I will go to the gym 4 times a week, I will follow the paleo diet 80% of the time, I will go to bed 30 min. earlier every night. A goal without a plan is just a dream, it might happen it might not.


Setting Achievable Goals

Start with 5 specific things you want to accomplish. Your goals should be outside of your comfort zone, but still within reach for the year. These goals should be measurable, ie. increase my deadlift by 5%. Write your goals down. Research shows that writing your goals on paper will hold you more accountable for them. Write an action plan for each of your goals. Go over your goals and action plan a couple of times a month, this will help keep you on the path to achievement. Only share your goals with people who will hold you accountable or help you achieve them. Sharing your goals with everyone is a great way to ensure that you never reach them. Choose people that are like minded to share in your failures and success as you go. Stay away from the Debbie Downers. Some people want to derail you, not encourage you.



Commit to making 2015 your best year. As your coaches we want to see people hitting more PRs. Try out heavier weights, it doesn’t matter if you miss a 1RM as long as you try it you are improving. Not everyday is a PR day, but if you never try to go beyond where you are now you will never get to where you want to be. Commit to working harder. Whether that means coming more often, trying a Barbell or Kettlebell class, moving faster, lifting heavier, or going for RX instead of the mod. The coaches of CFL are committed to seeing more improvement in our athletes this year. We will push you harder, help you be more productive, and see more of you go RX this year. Movement standards will be reinforced, be prepared to hear “No Rep”. We aren’t criticizing, we just want you to be the best version of you possible. We know that not everyone is the same we will hold you accountable to what we know you to be capable of.


Happy New Year New You in 2015


Coach Trish


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