Crossfit Longmont Creepers

This one goes out to all you hovering around our website and not “pulling the trigger”

We see you out there every week when we go over our websites’ numbers. 100 or 200 unique visitors everyday. Now, I know that all of those one or two hundred unique visitors aren’t all possible CFL (crossfit Longmont) athlete.  I’m going to automatically discount 50% of that number as being some sort of cyborg. That takes it down to 50-100 new possible CFL athletes. 25% of those possible new members are Crossfit junkies just creeping on other gyms (which is fine nothing wrong with that,  in fact we are all guilty of that sometimes). That drops our number to around 38.5- 75 new possible CFL athletes reaching out to us everyday. 50% of them will never “pull the trigger”. so that leaves 19-35ish possible CFL athletes whom for some reason have not taken the next step. Now to get to the real purpose of this post. TAKE THAT NEXT STEP!! be one of the 50% who takes the next step. Call, send an email, leave a submission on our website, walk in and say hi! any of those work. Take the stress off your shoulders by letting us motivate you to come in. It is impossible for us to nudge you in the right direction unless we have your name, and a way to contact you. Trust me the process of getting started will become easier once you have someone help you through the process. Now for a little more motivation leave a submission on our website and mention this post for two free 1 on 1 sessions.

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