Wednesday – 13FEB


For Time:

2 Rounds:
800m Row
Rest 1 min

2 Rounds:
8 Full Snatch at 80%
Rest 1 min

4 Rounds:
24 Pistols
18 Push Ups


Score is total time plus weight on the snatches.

Today’s workout has a little bit of everything: high heart rate row sprints, heavy snatches, and body weight movements to finish. Row as fast as you can to build your aerobic capacity. Take those minute rests and cherish them. On the snatches, drop each one (please be careful), but be sure to pick up that bar immediately. Be disciplined in your transitions.

The first option for scaling the last part is to cut the reps down. If you struggle with pistols or push ups, cut the reps down (for example: 12 pistols, 8 push ups). The second option if mobility and strength hold you back, do 48 Air Squats, 18 Push Ups.