Thursday – 2MAY – Happy Birthday Kerry!



Work to a heavy 3 Deadlifts with a double overhand grip and no hook grip


20 min AMRAP
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

We are making the deadlifts a little harder today by taking away the mixed grip or hook grip. This is a great way to build grip strength while also evenly loading your shoulders. Your grip will go before your pulling strength in your legs and core will, so be prepared. The deadlift is beautiful movement for engaging so many muscles at once and creating a huge hormone response. Enjoy.

Cindy is a classic named workout in CrossFit. All CrossFitters should do Cindy. This is also a subtle prep for our Memorial Day Murph. This workout is made from fast transitions. Don’t stop to take a walk to the water fountain or take a trip to the furthest chalk bucket. Keep moving.