Monday MAR 11th Happy Birthday Terrean Schmidgall

Happy Birthday Terrean Schmidgall


5 Rounds for Time:
250m Row
12 Pull ups
30m Farmers Carry (Down and Back)


For Time:
100 Sit Ups

Then 3 Rounds NOT for Time:
10 Bird dogs
10 Supermans
20 Ring Rows

Today will get grippy. Row hard; it’s only 250m. Try to hold onto the pull ups for an unbroken set or scale to where you can for at least the first three rounds. Move with a purpose through each movement. Farmer’s carries can be done with dumbbells or kettlebells. Challenge yourself with the weight here. If we run out of weights, we challenge some people to do stone carries (not on the shoulder) down and back.

The accessory work is brought to you from the makers of abs and healthy shoulders. This will serve as a good cool down, so move through the 3 rounds not for time slowly but deliberately. We’re looking for quality and control here.