SS1: 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM of:
2 Touch and go Clean Low Pull+ 1 touch and go Squat Clean and Split Jerk
*This Should be performed starting with one clean pull, a controlled lowering of the weight, touch and go clean pull (go to a shrug with NO break of the elbows), again controlled lowering to the bottom, this time after the touch the athlete performs a full squat clean, and finishes with a split jerk. Once the bar breaks from the ground on the first pull, the weight should not settle until the complex is complete.
SS2: Accumulate 30 Ring Dips as hard as possible, Weighted, strict, kipping, light band etc.
WOD: “Randy”
75 Power Snatch for time 75/45
Then- No Rest
“Helen” 3RFT
400 Meter Run
21 KBS 55/35
12 Pull ups
* Score is time athlete finishes after both workouts, no rest time between WOD’s