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Posted 09/18/14 by | 0

SS1: 7 Minute EMOM
3 Power Cleans 185/120 ADV:225/155

SS2: 4×2 1&1/4 Front Squat @60% 1RM 

WOD: “3 RFT”
50 Double Unders
30 Walkable 20/14
20 Pull ups  ADV: 10 Muscle ups


Posted 09/17/14 by | 0

SS1: Each Person must complete a 3 Minute Max Effort rope climb
*If you cannot climb the rope Scale with either max effort laying to standing position with rope, or max distance seated sled pull.

SS2: While Not doing the Max effort Rope climb accumulate 25 Pull ups AHAP and 25 HSPU’s. If you complete all those reps and people are still working on the rope climbs work on double unders.

WOD: “6 RFT”
10 T2B
10 1 armed Kettlbebell Clean and jerk 55/35
200 Yard Run (Fire Hydrant and back)
*(alternate arms each round, ie. 10 Right the first round, 10 left the second round etc.)

Core:3 Minutes of Flutter Kicks. Athlete must do 3 Burpees at the end for each time they break. the goal is to do as few burpees as possible… as is always the case.


Posted 09/16/14 by | 0

SS1:5×5 Sumo Deadlift- Med-Heavy 

SS2:Find a Max Height Box Jump

5 Rounds of “Cindy” ADV:C2B pull ups
400 Meter Run

EXPLANATION: complete 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats 5 times through, then run a 400, do that sequence 3 times, score is total time after the 3 rounds


Posted 09/15/14 by | 0

SS1:5×1 Squat Snatch up to 80% of 1RM

SS2: 5×1 Squat Clean Split Jerk up to 80% of 1RM

WOD:”15 Minute AMRAP”
10 Snatches 135/95 ADV: 155/105
10 Burpees
10 Clean and Jerk 135/95 ADV:155/105
10 Pull ups
*Please post reps only for AMRAPs, rounds+reps is too much math, thank you.

Core:3xME L-pull ups if you can
or- 3xME L-Hang

Workout 9/15/14

Posted 09/14/14 by | 0

Deload week, respect the percentages this week and we will get a ton of squat PR’s next week when we test. Thanks guys.

SS1: Back Squat 4×2@65%

SS2:Accumulate 25 Ring Dips AHAP

WOD:For Time:
21 Power Cleans 135/95
Run 400
18 Power Cleans 135/95
Run 400
15 Power Cleans 135/95
Run 400
12 Power Cleans
Run 400

Workout 9/12/14

Posted 09/11/14 by | 0

SS1: Back Squat 6×2@80%

SS2:Accumulate 40 HSPU AHAP

WOD:”12 Minute AMRAP”
Complete Karen-150 Wallballs for Time 20/14

The remaining time alternate between 
10 burpees
30 Double unders

Workout 9/11/14

Posted 09/10/14 by | 0

SS:15 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk, Squat or Power
*The goal is to get the heaviest weight overhead that is possible

Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups ADV:C2B

Core:8 Round Alternating tabata
Wall sit below 90 degrees
Push up Plank hold