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Flash Sale!

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If you have ever thought about joining CrossFit now is the best time to get started because Black Friday through Cyber Monday CrossFit Longmont will have their first ever Flash Sale.

Friday the 28th to Monday the 1st all new memberships will receive a 25% discount on down payments.

Be sure to check out our schedule for holiday class times.



Workout 11/21/14

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SS: 20 Minutes to Accumulate, 30 Pull ups ASHAP, 30 HSPU ASHAP
30 Ring Dips ASHAP, as many Muscle Ups as Possible

* If an athlete can do 1 Kipping pull up, they should do 30 singles. If it will take you twice as long to do 30 HSPU’s with one abmat than with three, use one, THIS IS TWENTY MINUTES TO SPEND ON GYMNASTICS WORK, MAKE IT COUNT! If you are truly challenging yourself and improving a skill you want to work on I don’t care if you spend 20 minutes working on mastering muscle ups. ONLY if you truly are working and not wasting time. the above is simply a guideline as to how one should spend this time.

WOD: “Open WOD 14.5″ with 30 Minute Cap


Thruster 95/65
Bar Facing Burpees

Workout 11/19/14

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SS1: Deadlift 2×2@85-95%
*Touch’N’Go Reps please

SS2: 8 Minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean


SS3: 4 Minute EMOM 
3×3-Stop Clean Pull @ 100% of SS2
* 3 Stops are: 2″ from floor, BOTTOM of knee, and POWER POSITION, finish rep by standing all the way up. 

*This should be done Immediately after SS2, a total 12 Minute Running Clock, if an athlete is sharing a bar to find a 1RM Power clean they can run on an alternating 30 Second clock to keep the EMOM going
WOD:12 Minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
20 Wallballs 20/14
10 Power Cleans 135/95 ADV:155/105

Workout 11/18/14

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SS: 10 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Hang Power Snatch. 

*Any hang can be used, high hang, power postion, top of knee, bottom of knee, mid thigh, low hang, ETC. in fact, athletes are encouraged to experiment and try several variations to feel the subtle differences of each style.

WOD:8 Round INVERSE Tabata of:
Strict Press 95/65 ADV: 135/95
Front Squat 185/115 ADV: 225/155
Deadlift 275/205 ADV:315/225

Two minutes rest between each exercise

*Inverse Tabata is 10 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. Score for this WOD is Total Reps

Workout 11/17/14

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SS:4x 3 Front Squats+5 Back Squats at 100% of 5RM Front Squat

*Do 3 front squats, rerack barbell and switch to back squat position without resting

100′ Walking Lunge w/Dumbells or KBs 
30 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Pull ups ADV: Weighted pull ups any style, goal is 30/15 lbs

Core: Partner up and Perform 3xME Push Up Position Planks with plate on back 45/25

*No prescribed weight for the walking lunge, athletes should hold a weight in both hands that CHALLANGES them. they can be unevenly weighted or different objects (KB and DB) but stay away from the tiny kettlebells and baby dumbells please!

Workout 11/14/2014

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SS: 12 Minutes to find a 3RM Thruster

5 Minute AMRAP
5 T2B
5 Power Cleans 135/95
5 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
5 Jerks 135/95
5 Minute AMRAP
5 Hang Power Clean 135/95

SS2: Spend rest of time working on Muscle up or Pull up Progressions and skill work

Workout 11/13/2014

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SS: 3×3 Tall Cleans, 4×2 Hang Cleans (Top of Knee), 5×1 Clean from Ground
*All Squat Cleans please, the Tall and Hang sets should be medium but the focus is to go heavy on the singles

WOD: 8 Minute AMRAP
8 Burpees
8 Box Jumps 24/20
8 Hang Power Snatch 95/65

1 Min ME Sit ups
Rest 30
1 Min ME Russian twists (No Weight, Just touches on either side)
Rest 30
1 Min ME Flutter Kicks

Workout 11/12/14

Posted 11/11/14 by | 0


SS1: 7×1 Deficit Deadlifts @75%
*Deficit is from standing on a pair of 45 lbs. bumpers

SS2: 5×1 Front Rack Split Jerk work to a 1RM

400 Meter Run
20 Goblet Squats 55/35 ADV:70/55
15 Ring Dips

Workout 11/11/14

Posted 11/10/14 by | 0


Tuesday November 11th

Warm up: 400 Run w/1 Dumbell, 50 Ground to Overhead W/Plate 45/25 PVC Stretch and Snatch Burgener

SS: 3×3 Tall Snatch, 4×2 Hang Snatch (Top of Knee), 5×1 Snatch from Ground
*All Squat Snatch reps please, the Tall and Hang sets should be medium but the focus is to go heavy on the singles
WOD: “Barbara” 5RFT
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Air Squats
*20 minute time cap

Workout 11/10/14

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SS:5×1 OHS, 5×1 Front Squat, 5×1 Back Squat
*Increase weight on every single set

WOD: 21-15-9
Handstand Push ups
Power Cleans 135/95
Bar Facing Burpees