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Workout 12/19/2014

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I was so torn on how to finish this week’s “lady hulks” off I decided to leave you all with two. Have a great weekend!

SS1: 2×1 Minute Rounds ME Power Snatch @ 135/95
-30 Seconds Rest  Between Rounds

SS2: 2×1 Minute Rounds ME Power Clean+ Push Jerk @ 135/95
-30 Seconds Rest Between Rounds

Part 1: 100 Double Unders for Time
*No Sub For Double Unders, Attempts count as 1.

Part 2: 
75 Wallballs
75 KBS 55/135 
For Time

*WOD is two scores, Time for part 1 and Time for Part 2, Time starts for part two the moment part 1 is finished.

Workout 12/18/2014

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SS1: 5×2 Squat Clean working to 2RM 
*Athlete can drop bar between reps just do a quick reset.

SS2: 5×2 Push Press- Heaviest Possible

WOD: “15 Minute AMRAP”
20 Box Jump 24/20
15 Pull ups
10 DB Snatch Right
10 DB Snatch Left  50/30

*Snatches from Ground

Workout 12/17/2014

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SS: 6×1 Deadlift From blocks 85-95%

WOD: “For Time”
25 Burpees

3 Rounds:
10 Thrusters 95/65
10 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb

25 Burpees

*Please note the Burpees occur once before the 3 Round Circuit, and once after, they are not a part of the circuit but are rather Buy in/ Cashout Style.

Workout 12/16/2014

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Somebody told me I like to post pictures of hulk chicks, so I will dedicate the pictures for this week to lovely ladies like the one above… enjoy

SS1: 2 Heavy attempts at a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (Ground, Top of Knee, Power Position)
*Warm up lifts are recommended but please stick to only two working attempts at the complex

SS2: 2 Heavy attempts at a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (Power Position, Top of Knee, Ground) 
* Because heavy attempts have already been made you only need one or two lighter warm up lifts with the different movement before going for heavy attempts

*No Drops During Complexes

WOD: “For Total Reps”-From CrossFit.com
1 Minute of Squat Cleans
1 Minute of Push Jerks
2 Minutes of Squat Cleans 135/95
2 Minutes of Push Jerks
3 Minutes of Squat Cleans
3 Minutes of Push Jerks

Workout 12/15/14

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SS1: 1 Front Squat every 15 Seconds for as long as possible @75% of 1RM (Up to 5 Minutes/20 Reps)

*This Is one Continuous effort, once time starts athlete is to hold the bar in their front rack position without dropping or reracking bar, if this occurs athlete is done with their effort. If an athlete makes it to minute 5 they are done.

SS2: 1 Back Squat every 10 Seconds for as long as possible Same weight as SS1. 5 Minute Cap

*This is also one continuous effort, any dropping of bar or failure to complete a rep on time means athlete’s attempt is over.

WOD: “21-15-9″
Power Clean 155/105

Core: Accumulate 2 Minutes of L-Hang Hold

Workout 12/12/14

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SS:7×3 Push Press working to a 3RM

WOD: “20 Minute AMRAP”
10 C2B Pull ups
20 Back Squats 95/65
30 Double Unders
*No Racks

Core: 100 WTD Sit ups or 50 GHD Sit ups

Workout 12/11/14

Posted 12/10/14 by | 0

SS: 6×1 Top Pull Deadlift @80-90%

50 Wallballs
75 KBS
5 Rope Climbs

SS2: Use the remainder of time to work on Handstand push ups and handstand skills, this can be anything from Handstand walks to shoulder touches.

Coaches Corner

Posted 12/08/14 by | 0

Sarge on Current CFL Culture


CFL Athletes and Staff please accept my gratitude for all that you have contributed to CrossFit Longmont. Over the past year I have been witness to countless individual and group (team) contributions of what makes for an established CrossFit culture in a CrossFit “Box”.  I am honored to be apart of a team that  takes care of it’s own, a team that shows up, a team that donates time and energy, a team that donates funds to local and national Non-profits,   A-team that throws parties for fellow CFL Athletes in time of need and or celebration and of course I am proud to be apart of a team that works together to accomplish their own health and fitness goals.


As a CrossFit we are proud of our reputation as CFL.  This reputation stems from the culture that we have all contributed to. I have found this aspect of running a CF box to be most interesting.  For my chance at the soap box and the turning of the year I wanted to recognize whom we are  as CFL and where we should be going.  I believe we all may be here for some for the same reasons and I want to make sure I do my job in leadership by cultivating our common core values and drawing attention to aspects we need improvement on.


Whom we are: CFL

  • A community of Athletes residing in Longmont Colorado

  • A CF with a Yoga intention backed by CF mobility

  • A CF with a sanctioned USA Weightlifting Barbell Club

  • A CF with the ability to throw a Saturday fundraiser WOD to raise enough money to aid one of our athletes during a natural disaster

  • A CF who’s Coaches make hospital and home visits when an Athlete is down

  • We support our own by teaching each other safe technique and good decision making

  • We make new athletes feel welcome

  • A CF with 150 human CFL Athletes strong and ready

  • CF Athletes readily share gear, time, knowledge and space with other Athletes

  • After every WOD we do a great job of putting away our toys when we are finished

  • CFL raised just under $5000 in total for the Non-profit Organizations we support in 2014

  • CFL financially supported staff development in 2 CrossFit Certification and 3 USA Weightlifting Certifications in 2014


What we are reaching for: CFL 2015

  • A CF Community that builds on all we have been and seeks out improvement in other areas

  • 100% CFL Athlete and Coaching staff participation in our “Field Day” WODS

  • 2015 Budget of $3000 allotted for CFL staff and Athletes to attend CrossFit Certifications

  • Greeting each new CF Athlete and acting as a CFL Ambassador until the new Athlete feels at home

  • 1 burpee each time a train passes

  • CFL Intermediate and Advanced Athletes will be encouraged to help coach during the Strength and Skill portions of our WODS and at our foundations

  • We will be hosting our New Years Open Oly Meet end of January and have a goal of 30 of our very own CFL Athletes to Compete

  • As a staff we have a goal of delivering the CF WOD on time and in a professional manner at every WOD

  • We will be adding more WOD times and even CF Endurance WODS

  • Host the CFL  St. Pattys day competition that has 40 CFL Athletes competing, raises 1k to donate and fun for all involved

  • Host Saturday fundraiser WODs to include WODS for Dogs, BB for Boobs and Movember

  • Host 1-2 WODS on every Holiday besides Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • CFL will continue to be a clean, safe environment that athletes can consider their home away from home

I would like to thank all of you for your contribution in making CFL the wonderful place that it is. I’m looking forward to 2015 and what the new year will bring.

December, 8, 2015

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SS1: Front Squat EMOM @70%
Minute 1,3 Front Squats, Minute 2, 6 Front Squats, 3, 9 Front Squats ETC.
*Athletes should go until they cannot complete all the front squats in the minute of work provided. If they complete minute 6 (18 Reps) (Which should be impossible given the percentage) they should stop, 6 Minutes is the max.
SS2: Back Squat EMOM @70% of FRONT SQUAT
*SS2 is at the same weight for SS1.
*Whatever the athletes last successful minute of front squats were at, is where they start on back squats. start a second EMOM once everyone is done and ready, athletes should start there, and work their way down in 3’s EMOM style.
Example: Athlete X completes the 3,6,9 and 12 Rounds, and doesn’t make it through the 15 round. Second EMOM athlete will back squat the same weight for 12 reps the first minute, 9 the 2nd, 6 the third, and 3 reps on the fourth. A little confusing but hopefully the explanation helps!
WOD: “Death by Pull up”
Minute 1, 1 pull up
Minute 2, 2 pull ups
etc until athlete gets steamrolled.
Core: 4 Round Tabata’s of:
Hollow Rocks
Russian Twists
Sit ups
*No break between movements

Workout 12/5/14

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SS: 7×2 Back Squat work to a 2RM.

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP
12 Deadlifts 155/105
12 Hands Lift Push Ups
12 Box Jumps 24/20

SS2: Use Rest of time to work on Pull ups or Muscle ups