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Workout 8/4/15

Posted 08/03/15 by | 0

WU:800 M medball run
SS:BB Burgener Snatch Grip

Advanced athletes are expected to have 10 lbs plates or more on their bars.
WOD: USA Wrestling WOD

  • RX = 45#/35# with all 10 exercises at 10 reps for each partner up and down the pyramid
  • RX+ = 65#/55# with all 10 exercises at 10 reps for each partner up and down the pyramid
  • Mod = Decrease weight and decrease reps even down to just 4 or 6 reps but make it so the Athlete has to run the entire pyramid
  • With Momentum and rhythm where needed navigate the following exercises with you doing a set then your partner: Curl, Press, OV Row, Squat, Upright Row, Alt Lunges, Clean, French press (ladies behind the neck press), underhand row, pumble
  • use the pyramid scheme for set; 1st set = Curl, 2nd Set = Curl, Press, 3rd set = curl, press, row…..till the peak…then make your way back down the set pyramid by subtracting an exercise each time starting on the curl side

WORKOUT 8/3/15

Posted 08/02/15 by | 0

WU:Athletes choice
SS: Rope Climb clinic take a quick 10 minutes for advanced Athletes show off their skills and lets get more Athletes up the rope with skill instead of strength
WOD: Fight Gone Bad 3x5min rounds 1 min rest

WallBall 20/14

SDHP 75/55

Box Jump 20”

Push Press 75/55


 Athletes need to be co-operative today.  Pick a partner and partners will count reps for each other.  That means we will have to get two heats through.   Good luck


Workout 8/1/2015

Posted 07/31/15 by | 0

WU: Athletes choice

WOD: Partner WOD 3- 6min AMRAPS

30 cal row

30 burpee over the rower

30 push press #95/65

  • Back squat AMRAP with rest of time remaining
  • Score is total number of back squats
  • Tag team style, one partner working at a time. You may divide the work any way you want.

CFL Customer Survey

Posted 07/31/15 by | 0

30 july 047

Sarge Says to take action and complete your CFL Survey!!   Take part in shaping our future!!! Burpee will be divvied out all next week for those Athletes that do not comply;)

Check your email Saturday morning for a link to the CFL Survey!!!

Look forward to seeing all of you at the CFL Summer BBQ!……Sarge!!!

Workout 7/31/2015

Posted 07/30/15 by | 0

WU:Med Ball Golf CC Mobility, 30 Ring row broke into sets

SS: Front Squat PR No more than 2 attempts, athletes are encouraged to take several warm up sets

WOD:Hero WOD Training

20 min AMRAP

30 Box Jumps

30 Push Press 125# 85#

30 Pullups

If modding to step ups must hold a med ball 20#/14#, may jump up and step down for RX, BB must start on the floor


Take Stewardship in CFL!!!

Posted 07/30/15 by | 0

19 July 001

With the small additions of RX jump ropes and a new BB rack I understood it may be time to bring up a good point of CrossFit culture.  When we, as CFL Athletes, take the time to put our jump ropes and BB’s back in a manner that shows respect for the tools we use daily, we are showing other humans that we respect and value all it takes to move forward in a  positive direction toward becoming a better Athlete.

It is expected of every CFL Athlete to take stewardship in thier box.  Putting away our toys and making them properly available for the next Athlete is the “low hanging fruit” of productivity here at CFL.  If we do this everyday we will have a strong platform to reach toward what may be more challenging to accomplish……Sarge

Workout 7/30/2015

Posted 07/29/15 by | 0

WU: CC Mobility

SS1: CC Split Jerk

SS2: CC Snatch balance

WOD: 1 mile run PR


Remember the Thursday intention Athletes should be finishing their mile at the 45 min mark.  Even if this is the only day the Athlete has been in all week, you should still spend all your effort in the allotted time.


Workout 7/28/2015

Posted 07/27/15 by | 0

WU:100 Med Ball tosses CC mobility
SS:Power clean Max

20 min AMRAP


10 Pistol squats or 10 bulgarian squats no assisted pistols

15 pullups


Customer Survey

Posted 07/27/15 by | 0

Keep a look out for our customer survey in your inbox. We want your opinion to help our box grow in the right direction. We have 3 prizes TBD that we will draw for when the survey is complete. Please take the time to fill out all the questions to help us make your experience better. Survey will hit your email on Wednesday.

Prize winners will be announced on the website September 1st.


Thank you all in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.

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