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Workout 7/8/2015

Posted 07/07/15 by | 0


SS: 6×5 Push Press Work to a 5RM

400 Meter Farmers Carry
15 Tire Flips
30 Scissor Lunge

Core: 50 Toes 2 Bar OR 100 Wtd Sit ups 

Workout 7/7/2015

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SS: 20 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Squat Clean

WOD: “Elizabeth” 21-15-9
Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dips

Core: 4 Round Tabata of Hollow Rocks, Then Russian Twists w/Plate.

Warm up: W/Class

SS: 15 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Squat Clean

WOD: “For Time”
3 Rounds
12 Power Cleans 135/95
400 Meter Run
Then (No Break)
3 Rounds
12 Front Squats 135/95
500 Meter Row

Workout 7/6/2015

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The time has come! We have just completed a strength cycle of hang snatches and cleans and now we shall test to get some new PR’s! Test days will be Monday and Tuesday for the Snatch and Clean respectively. If you don’t make it in those days try to make up those lifts when you come in later in the week.

Speaking of the time has come, I have been doing the program for the better part of 2 years now, and have decided it is time to pass the torch. This week will be my final week of creating the WOD’s until it comes back to me. As far as I know Sarge will be taking over for awhile before Sav takes the reigns.  The torch shall return!  But I feel like a rotation of who is providing the program will give you all more variety in the style and in the end benefit you as athletes as well. I put a lot of time, thought and energy in the past couple of years, so I hope you all enjoyed my own unique twist on this thing we call CrossFit… and are better athletes and humans because of it!

Good luck this week! Attack those PR’s!

Warm up: 500 Row or 400 Run PVC Stretch+ Burgener, then 5 Squat Snatch Reps w/ Nekkid BB at the following positions: Tall, Power, Mid Thigh, Top of knee, Mid-shin.

SS: 20 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Squat Snatch

WOD: “For Time”
800 Meter Run
50 Pull Ups ADV: 30 Muscle Ups Bar or Ring
800 Meter Run

Workout 7/3/2015

Posted 07/02/15 by | 0


WOD#1: “21-15-9″
OHS 95/65
Toes 2 Bar

*This WOD should be done… pardon my French… balls to the wall!

WOD #2: “Annie”
Double Unders
Ab-mat sit ups

* This WOD should be paced. Take it easy, focus is jump rope technique and getting in some core work.


SS: Shooters choice pressing strength work. Strict press, bench, push ups, jerk variations and push press are all fair game.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

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28 june 002


The concept of “Change” has enveloped my reality probably for most of my adult life.  As a young Ohio wrestler I was thought to force change in order to gain the advantage over my opponent.  It’s interesting to think how that may have effected my life.  As an adult one learns fast to cope with change and one most likely has some moments ,during their reaction to change, that they are not to proud of.  I have also heard the wonderful statement “you can count on one thing only and that’s; Change.”

As an organization we are coming to a pivotal point in age as a CrossFit.  The purpose of this blog is for nothing other than to stimulate critical thinking.  I am coming to understand that as a CF organization we all  have the opportunity to make choices in how we move forward.  Those choices drive change.

Now is the time to set your intentions and stand up for them.  Now is the time for change.  As one of your self-appointed leaders I am tasked with leading by example. So forgive me ahead of time for “Forcing Change” but I’m going to mix things up a bit.  C if you can notice them and please share your stories of how “Forcing Change” has made a positives impact on your life, our CFL community or even the World!


Workout 7/2/2015

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WOD #1: 5×1 150 meter sprint.
*Sprint from sidewalk to fire hydrant. Rest is a slow walk back to sidewalk.

WOD #2: “Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks for time 135/95

SS: Use remaining time to establish a Max height box jump.

Workout 7/1/2015

Posted 06/30/15 by | 0


Here is an example of an exercise that we will NEVER do. Looks pretty cool though.

SS: 5×1 3-Position Squat Clean @75% of best set of 3 from previous weeks.

WOD: “10 Minute AMRAP”
20 Wallballs 20/14
15 KBS 55/35 ADV: 70/55
5 Burpee over the Box Jumps 24/20

Conditioning: 2×400 Meter run
*1st run @ 75%, 2nd run @ 100%
* Rest 2-4 Minutes between efforts

Workout 6/30/2015

Posted 06/29/15 by | 0


SS: 3×10 Back Squat- Light-medium intensity

WOD: “2 RFT”
50 Air Squats
30 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
10 Strict Pull ups ADV: Bar Muscle ups
Cash out: 400 Meter Farmers carry

*Time is over at the end of farmers carry

Core: 200 Mountain Climbers
50 Hollow Rocks

Workout 6/29/2015

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For those of you who care… this week is a deload week. We have been doing a strength cycle of 5×3’s of hang squat snatches and cleans starting high in the hang and progressively moving lower each week. This week we will be doing light 3 position snatches and cleans. The goal of this strength cycle is to get everyone PR’s on their snatches and cleans. After this week we will be testing 1RM’s on both lifts. Enjoy the rest week, and think about your impending personal records soon to come!

SS: 5×1 3-position Squat Snatch (power position, top of knee, ground)
Work up to 75% of best set of 3 in previous weeks.

WOD: On a 15 minute clock:
5 Minute AMRAP
50 Lateral Bar Jumps
5 Curtis P’s 135/95 ADV: 155/105

Rest 4 minutes

6 Minute Amrap
5 Bar facing Burpees
10 Deadlifts 135/95 ADV:155/105
5 Shoulder to OH 135/95 ADV: 155/105

*Curtis P= 1 Power Clean+1 Front Rack Lunge each leg+ 1 Push Press
*Lateral Bar jumps should be a 2 footed jump and landing. Don’t step over the bar. JUMP!
* Score is total reps for both AMRAP’s.

Workout 6/26/2015

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SS: 5×1 OHS, 5×1 Front Squat, 5×1 Back Squat 
*Increase load each and every set.

WOD: 2 Rounds:
400 Meter Sprint
Rest 2 Minutes
1 ME UNBROKEN set of Wallballs

*2 Scores for WOD, total time spent running, and total Wallballs. any pause of the Wallball action terminates the set. Dropping the ball, staying in the bottom of the squat or standing with the ball for a few moments, briefly leaning against the wall with the medball, all are examples of the set no longer being unbroken. Be a stickler on this one and don’t cheat it!