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Saturday WOD

Posted 05/06/16 by | 0

WU: 400m Tire carry

In teams of 3-4 Athletes, safely carry a tire around our 400m Course

Mob: CC

WOD: For Time

With a Partner complete 150 Thruster 95#/65# and 150 bar facing Burpee

Partner can divide up the work how they would like

Only one CFL Athlete can be in action at a time


CFL Friday WOD

Posted 05/05/16 by | 0

WU     3 Rnds Not for Time:

-100m Jog, 15 V-sits, 15 Air Squats, 15 Jumping Jacks



Banded Hip and Shoulder work


WOD “Christine”

3 Rnds For Time of

500m Row

12 BW Deadlift

21 Box Jump



400M Medicine ball Jog (must start within 1 Min of finishing WOD)



Thur 05.05.16

Posted 05/04/16 by | 0


Alias and ladies (Photo by Lisa Doane)


-400m Run

-7 Sun Salutations

-400m Barbell carry (95/65)

-Foam Roll

For Time:

Cash in– 50 Step ups (25/15) (total)

50 Handlift Push up

50 Air Squat

50 Pull-up

50 Lunges (total)

Cash out– 50 Step ups

Wed 05.03.16

Posted 05/04/16 by | 0

CFL Oly Meet0736

(Photo by Lisa Doane)

WU: Dynamic WU, CC Mobility

WOD: 11 min on the clock

Run 400 M

Rest 1 min

Run 800 M

Rest 1 min

AMRAP Wall Ball Shots


SS: Overhead Squat 5×5

Find 5 RM

Tuesday WOD

Posted 05/02/16 by | 0

WU: 400M Jog, 3 Min AMRAP of DU Practice, 25 Good Morning

Strength: DB 1 Arm Strict Press 3×8

WOD: “Burpee Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 of Dubs, Sit-ups, and Burpee

Mobility: Runners Lunge, Cresent, Childs poseCross Fit Hi Res Final

Mon 05.02.16

Posted 05/01/16 by | 0


Coach Adam doppleganger.


800m run

10 T’s & W’s

10 Monster walks

10 Pigeon switches

5 Hang-2-active/front lever practice

5 Skin-the-cats

Pt 1: 

Find 4 RM Weighted pull-up

*or the hardest version of 4 reps. Examples are finding the lightest band, finding the lowest setting on ring rows, or adding weight to chest while ring rowing.

Pt 2:


*Work up to heavy set of 8. Can be touch and go or not.

Pt 3:

10 x 100m Sprint

*in heats of approx 4, lined up outside of the door, sprint to curb of the building across the lot. The rest is your walk back to the line.


1 min each: pigeon, pretzel(supine twist)

Sat 04.30.16

Posted 04/29/16 by | 0

CFL 16.2.0249

Sav. (Photo by Lisa Doane)


Deck o’ Cards

*Teams of 3-4,

Teams choose their BW movements to each suit.

Write the exercises on the board.

All Jokers are a 200m run.*

Fri 04.29.16

Posted 04/28/16 by | 0

CFL 16.2.0070


Dynamic CC & Banded Mob.

“The Truth”

5 RFT:

5 Back Squat (135/95)

10 Ring Dips

1 Rope Climb


50 GHD Sit-ups

30 Glute Ham Raise

Thurs 04.28.16

Posted 04/27/16 by | 0


Anjali. (Photo by Lisa Doane)


500m Run

7 Sun Salutations


Rope Climb Instruction and practice. (10 min max)

USA Wrestling Pyramid WOD: (10 rep. Empty BB.)


-Push Press

-Pendlay Row

-Panda Pull

-Front Squat

-P. Clean

-French Press

-Underhand Row



*40 min CAP. Scale reps when needed with coach permission.

Wed 04.27.16

Posted 04/26/16 by | 0


JT (Photo by Lisa Doane)


3 rds-

10 cal row

25 Dubs

10 KBS

10 Hip Bridges


12 mins to achieve heavy Power Clean + Front Squat


3 Rounds For Reps:


Power Snatch (75/55)

Box Jump (24/20)


Chest-to-Bar PU

(FGB format. 1 Minute per movement. 1 minute rest after each round.)