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Saturday Friend and Family Day

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Coach Led


Find a 2 Rep Max Snatch

*does not have to be touch and go, but rest no more than 5 seconds. yes squat.



10 Toes-2-Bar

10 Thrusters (105/75)

4 Sets of: 400m Row

Partner #2 Rows 400m while Partner #1 works on the Amrap. Partners switch roles every time 400m is completed. The workout is completed once the 4th Row is finished for TWO SCORES. (time/reps)


Friday 02.12.16

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If they can, you can.


7 Min of Double under and Triple under practice


Thoroughly mobilize Forearms, Shoulders, Hips, and Calves


Find a 3 Rep Max Pause Back Squat (3 count)

2015 Open WOD 14.1:


30 Double-Unders

15 Power Snatches (115/75)

*Masters 55+ (65/45)*


Roll out back, arms, forearms

Coaches Corner

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CrossFit Longmont Matters Programing Auxiliary Behaviors


As a supplement to a recent CFL FB Blog on becoming a master I would like to share with you some human auxiliary behaviors that I believe to be the framework for success as a Masters CrossFit Athlete.  The following is my opinion. I state this opinion as a Marine with a degree in Exercise Physiology, NCAA Athlete, United States Olympic Committee Coach, CHSAA Coach, and over 13 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Field. Five of these years have been as your CrossFit Leader. Even though I proudly state all of that, I ultimately believe It is your responsibility as a CrossFit Masters Athlete to decide what’s right for you.


And that brings us to our first Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior’s: 1. We started aging and dying as soon as we were born. As a human  you should understand the strengths and weaknesses of your age group.  As a CrossFit Masters Athlete you have the benefit of experience in decision making! How do you use your cognitive ability to further your CrossFit goals?

Lets Go Humanimals! You have the benefit of being a smart brained homosapien. Are you using critical thinking to decide on a Macro plan of CrossFit that is personalized to the human body you know and live in? Maybe you are or are not. It’s your choice but use your brain housing unit as your primary tool for physical action, and you will succeed as a CrossFit Masters Athlete.


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior# : 2. HIFM (High Intensity Functional Movement) includes all the wonderful human movements combined with limitless creativity and led by a CrossFit Certified Coach. We  will continue to follow the original CrossFit model. And of course this model emphasizes skill attainment before we increase intensity (Heavy loads and high Heart Rates).


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior: 3.  Executing CrossFit WODS at high intensity and RX is still encouraged throughout our time in the Master’s category. However it’s important to remember to make good choices and modify or scale if the body is calling for it that day.


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior: 4.  We place more of an emphasis on our training in the strength and skill components of our total exercise volume.  We take it a step further and began to value our skills more than “high intensity” and we start to realize what “relative intensity” means.


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior’s: 5. As CFL Master’s we are the stewards of CFL Culture and Community.  Humans naturally look to there seniors for guidance in behavior.  We set the good example of exercising as a CrossFit Masters Athlete, but we also take on the responsibility of promoting and being an example of all the CFL Auxiliary Behaviors/CrossFit Auxiliary behaviors that make up a CrossFit Community.  These behaviors include: Standing on line, HIFM, Salutate, Gratitude, pick up our toys…just to name a few.  Inshort; we cultivate a community where the CrossFit Method can flow freely and in a direction of positive growth for each individual Athlete!


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior’s: 6. We participate and/or volunteer at CFL events.  The original CrossFit methodology supports Athletes competing.  As a CFL Athlete you do it everytime you post your score on the whiteboard.  As a Coaching staff we encourage you to set the example as a Masters Athlete and compete or support in competitions at CFL or wherever our Athletes are in competition.


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior’s: 7. We participate in “Field day” activities and teach others to do the same.  “Field Day” is defined as any cleaning activities accomplished by one or more humans.  “Field day” goes beyond putting your own gear away, andextends even further than helping your fellow athletes put away their gear.  I believe it reaches all the way to the “untouchables”, but I do not expect any of you to help keep the toilets clean or take out the garbage.  What I am calling for specifically is to take the extra effort towards CFL achieving greatness, and break out a broom or washcloth and clean up after your fellow CFL Athlete, Athlete’s offspring or even the Canine.  Also understand that we make messes too and need someone to mop them up from time to time.


Master’s Programing Auxiliary behavior’s: 8. And Finally we seek out other vehicles of training to supplement us kicking ass in the daily WOD.  “Learn and play new sports” is an original CrossFit quote, from founder Greg Glassman.  This can be easy and fun; swimming, biking, jogging, endurance WODS, Barbell Club, Yoga and even medicine ball musical chairs all improve fitness and coordination.  We cannot support all forms of sport here at CFL but you should know as a CFL Athlete your all inclusive monthly fee include one extra BB Class per week and one Extra Yoga class per week.


CrossFit Open 2016

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CFL Athletes!!!

Great job on crushing another year, but as many of you know there is a new season around the corner. No I don’t mean spring…We’re coming up on OPEN SEASON!! February 25th will mark the announcement of the first of 5 workouts designed to push you mentally, and physically. I encourage all of you to sign up and test your fitness and all the hard work you’ve put in for the past year. Do not worry about your skill or strength level, even if you don’t quite have that muscle up yet, you can still benefit from participating in the CrossFit Open. I’m excited to help coordinate with all of you and watch you all push yourselves to the redline in each workout!


Our plan for this year is fairly straightforward but we need your help in order for every week to run smooth.


1st You need to sign up!!!! Register here and any coach in the gym can answer any questions you have.
2nd We are asking for your help in judging each week’s workouts. These workouts will be scored, and as we only have 4 coaches and over 100 members, there will be a need for extra judging during the workouts. The course is provided through CrossFit and cost is 10$. In the instruction you will learn how to count reps during a workout and what to look for in a no rep i.e. full extension on a box jump or locked out elbows on a pressing movement etc. It’s super easy and will also provide athletes with an idea of what judges are looking for when scoring. Sign up for the Judges Course


3rd The workouts will be announced on Thursday of each week. Friday’s WOD will be the Open workout. In addition to Friday we will allow you to complete the workout or try again for a better score on either Saturday at the 9:00 open gym, or on Sunday at 11:00.  At no other times will we be able to accommodate these workouts or be able to judge, so plan accordingly.  


4th Workouts each week leading up to the Open WOD will be programmed accordingly so as to set you up for success! Please note though that we are preparing for the unknown and unknowable in these Open workouts so be ready for anything!!!


5th Once scored CFL will enter your information and you will be able to track your standing on the CrossFit Games page! We will also post top scores within the gym on the whiteboard!


6th Have fun Guys and Gals!!!!! The CrossFit Open is a time of year for you to put your fitness to the test. But also have fun in the process, learn, grow, and come together to help push your fellow CFL family!

Coach Adam

Thursday 02.11.16

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Coach Sarge babysitting some well behaved future athletes.


400m Jog


3 Sets:

5 M-UP Transitions w/ Negative 5 count Descent

*False grip, rings low, feet out on ground or box


For Time:

400m Run

50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) 10′ m/f

40 Superman Swimmers

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

40 Burpees to plate (45/25)

400m Run


50 Light banded tricep pull-downs

Wednesday 02.10.16

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Teen Games Athlete, Alli Parks. 145 Snatch. 185 C&J. 130 BW. 5’4″


30 Calorie row

15 Scap Pulls

15 Deadbugs

15 Second HS Hold

15 Candle-stick rocks

EMOM 25 (5rds):

1- 14/11 Cal Row

2- 20 AbMat Sit-ups (OR 15 GHD SU)

3- 10 Pull-ups (Strict OR Kipping, your choice)

4- 10 KB Snatches (alternating, heavy) (Dumbell is a scale for the skill of KB snatching)

5- Rest

MOBY: You MUST mobilize for the remainder of class. Coach’s and Athlete’s Choice.

Tuesday 02.09.16

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Coach led warm-up.

Front rack mobility.


14 min. to find a 1 Rep Max “Hang Clean to Thruster”


One set of max reps @ 80% of above.

(This, obviously, requires your efforts to full squat.)


2 Sets:

3 Min. AMRAP:
15 Power Cleans (135/95)

21 Jerks (135/95)

*Remainder of time, Max Rep Overhead Squats. This is your score. If you do not reach it, your score is simply zero.

*Rest 3 mins. between rounds


30 Handstand Push-ups For Time.


Roll out Lattimus, Trapezius, and Anterior Deltoids.

Monday 02.08.16

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WU: 2 rds
10 dead bugs
10 side leg lifts
10 airsquats
10 arm circles
10 push-up circles

SK: 2 sets
5-8 skin the cats
5-10 good kip swings on rings

Overhead walking lunge
(3 sets of 8 total, HAP)
* no rack *

METCON: 21-15-9
Deadlift (245/175)
*40 double-unders after each round*


Pretzel(supine twist)
Knee tuck cradle rocks
Couch stretch