Workout 9/2/2014

SS1: 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM:
2 Touch and go Snatch Low Pulls+1 Touch and go Squat Snatch+1 Snatch Balance.
*This Should be performed with 2 Touch and go low pulls (shrug with NO break in the elbows), after the second pull a controlled lower to the ground, performing a touch and go Squat snatch, once the athlete recovers with the weight overhead the athlete lowers the bar to their back and does a snatch balance. Once the weight breaks from the ground on the first pull, the weight should not settle again until the entire complex is complete.
SS2: Complete 15 Wallwalks
WOD:5 Minute AMRAP
then- Rest 1 Minute
5 Minute AMRAP
Thrusters 95/65
*Score is total burpees and thrusters together
SS3: 200 Double unders for time or, if athlete is not proficient double under practice.


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