Workout 8/4/14

SS1: a.)6×2 Back Squat@80%


SS2: b.)6×8 Strict Pull ups

*These two strength and skills should be completed at the same time alternating from back squats to pull ups and back to back squats.

*PULL UP INSTRUCTION- Athletes who can do 8 pull ups in one set should do that. if 8 strict pull ups is beyond the persons max effort set they can get their reps completed in two sets. If a person cannot do 8 pull ups in two sets they simply have 2 Max effort sets. The scaling option for this is 8 slow negatives. This should be performed by doing a box pull up to chin over the bar, then the athlete should perfom the negative portion (From chin over to arms extended) of the pull up as slowly as possible.


WOD: “2014 CrossFit Games Finale, Double Grace”

60 Clean and Jerks 135/95


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