Workout 8/25/14

SS1:Back Squat 5×5 @85%

SS2: Complete 10-15 Rope climbs. If an athlete can do some legless rope climbs they should do as many of those as possible before using feet

WOD: Colorado Open WOD#1
“4 RFT”
15 Pull ups
15 Kettlbell Overhead Lunges 55/35
15 Over The Box Jump 24/20
*The Lunges Must alternate legs, athletes may choose how they switch hands for the overhead lunges, The box Jump can be a touch on top or straight over but must be facing the box when they jump aka no lateral box jumps

Core:1 ME L-Hang, 1 ME Push up Plank (perfectly straight body, if an athlete must cheat to continue they are done) 1 ME L-sit

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