Workout 7/6/2015


The time has come! We have just completed a strength cycle of hang snatches and cleans and now we shall test to get some new PR’s! Test days will be Monday and Tuesday for the Snatch and Clean respectively. If you don’t make it in those days try to make up those lifts when you come in later in the week.

Speaking of the time has come, I have been doing the program for the better part of 2 years now, and have decided it is time to pass the torch. This week will be my final week of creating the WOD’s until it comes back to me. As far as I know Sarge will be taking over for awhile before Sav takes the reigns.  The torch shall return!  But I feel like a rotation of who is providing the program will give you all more variety in the style and in the end benefit you as athletes as well. I put a lot of time, thought and energy in the past couple of years, so I hope you all enjoyed my own unique twist on this thing we call CrossFit… and are better athletes and humans because of it!

Good luck this week! Attack those PR’s!

Warm up: 500 Row or 400 Run PVC Stretch+ Burgener, then 5 Squat Snatch Reps w/ Nekkid BB at the following positions: Tall, Power, Mid Thigh, Top of knee, Mid-shin.

SS: 20 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Squat Snatch

WOD: “For Time”
800 Meter Run
50 Pull Ups ADV: 30 Muscle Ups Bar or Ring
800 Meter Run

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