Workout 6/10/2015


SS:14 Minute Partner alternating EMOM:

Even: 5 Strict Press- no Racks

Odd: 5 Pendlay Rows

*Pick a partner with similar strength numbers, one partner starts on one exercise, the other on the second. switch back and forth each minute. Should hit 7 sets of five on each movement. weight’s should be medium-heavy, but both athletes should be able to complete all repetitions, without the sets being too easy. If it is necessary athletes can use rest time to change weights for their upcoming set to make it a more appropriate load.

20 KB Thruster 55/35 (10L/10R anyhow)
15 T2B
20 Split Jump/ Scissor Lunge (total)

Core: 1 ME L-hang, 1 ME 6″ Leg raise hold, 1 ME Superman Hold 

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