Workout 5/7/2015


SS: 20 Minutes to finish all prescribed repetitions. 
50 Pull Ups ADV: Strict
40 Knees to Elbows ADV: T2B
30 HSPU ADV: Deficit HSPU
20 Skin The Cats ADV: 10 Muscle Ups bar or ring
10 Rope Climbs ADV: Legless
*This list does not need to be completed in order, in fact, athletes are encouraged to break it up and switch movements as often as they need or want. This work is NOT FOR TIME, it simply has a time cap so athletes stay motivated and on task. Because this work is NOT FOR TIME athletes should focus on form and quality of reps. This is also a great time to work with coaches to improve on whatever goats athletes may be dealing with.

*Bring tape or Gymnastic grips if you have them (Just in case)

WOD: 15-12-9
OHS 95/65 ADV:135/95
Burpees over the bar (Anyhow)

Warm up: W/class

SS: Same as Class

WOD/Interval: 20 Minute EMOM
100 Meter Sprint

*A stopwatch will be necessary to stay on track with time. The most important word in this EMOM is SPRINT

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