Workout 4/9/2015


I know we already put this picture on the website but Im so excited about it I couldn’t help but post it again. Great job Anjali, so happy CFL is getting a little worldwide recognition!

SS: 5×2 Deadlift to a 2RM
*Should be T’N’Go Reps. Hands DO NOT leave bar once set starts

WOD: 12-9-6-3-1
Deadlift 80% of SS
Pistols (ea. Leg)

*Reps are fairly low, but the deadlifts should feel pretty dang heavy. This is intentional! Tell athletes that they should not strip their weight because it gets heavy, that it’s OK if they move through the deads slowly because we want this WOD to build strength.

Core: Accumulate 2:00 of Plank Hold in as few attempts as possible. 1 and done people you can do it!

Warm up: Grab a Partner, switch off and row 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 Meters. Rest Time is when partner is rowing. 3 Rounds, 20 KBS, 20 Step ups, 20 Sit ups at a conversational pace.

WOD 1: 2000 Meter Row For Time (PR)

WOD 2: “5 RFT”
350 Meter Run
50 Meter Walking Lunges

*Once athlete turns final corner of lap they should simply lunge the length of the building, and run the rest of the way.

Core: Accumulate 2:00 Minutes of Plank Position Hold

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