Workout 3/5/2015


SS: Deadlift 5×5

10 1 Arm Kettlbell OHS Right arm 55/35
3x Sprint length of gym (Down and back is 1)
10 1 Arm Kettlebell OHS Left arm 55/35
Rest 1:00 Each Round

Core:3 Minutes of Flutter Kicks

Endurance Option:
Warm up: Dynamic runner style warm up. Athlete should feel warm enough to hit their first 200 sprint at 100%

Conditioning: 10×200 Meter SPRINT- Rest as needed between efforts

WOD: 10 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Test. Switch arms every 10 Reps 35/20
*10 Burpee Penalty every time the KB is set down.

SS: 1xME Strict Press 135/95, 1xME Strict Press 95/65, 1xME Strict Press 45/35

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