Workout 3/31/2015


SS: 10 Minutes to establish a 3RM Curtis P
*1 Power Clean+1 Front Rack Lunge Each Leg+1 Push Press

WOD: “10 RFT”
5 Curtis P’s 95/65 ADV:115/75
10 HRPU ADV: 5 Strict Pullups

Warmup: w/Class

SS:5 Minute AMRAP- Curtis P’s 95/65

WOD: 40 Minute AMRAP
400 Meter Walk w/BB 45/35
400 Meter Farmers Walk 2 DB’s or KB’s 
400 Meter Run

*Each Lap counts as 1 Rep. BB carry can be held in any way athlete chooses so long as they do not drop the BB.

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