Workout 3/26/2015


SS: Push Press 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 6×[email protected]%

WOD: “20 Minute Alternating EMOM”
Even: 3 Squat Snatch 135/95 ADV: Bodyweight
Odd: 10 Pistols

Endurance WOD
Warm up:W/Class

SS: 10 Minutes to Establish a 1RM Push Press

WOD: “30 Minute AMRAP”
150 Meter Sprint
1 DB Snatch Each Arm
150 Meter Sprint Back
1 Pistol Each Leg
150 Meter Sprint
2 DB Snatch Each Arm
150 Meter Sprint Back
2 Pistols Each Leg

*Do Pistols by the Stop Sign, DB Snatch by the Fire Hydrant, the distance between these two landmarks is our “150 Meter mark”. Each Round increases by 1 Rep EACH SIDE

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