Workout 3/10/2015


Everybody gets the Endurance WOD today. For you extra committed runners, you may extend your mile run AFTER Grace up to 3 miles.

SS: 12 Minutes of Athletes Choice: Pick ONE, and max it:

Strict Press, Push Press, Push or Split Jerk.

*Athlete may choose exercise, grip (Jerk or snatch grip) and with that goes Behind-the-neck or traditional variations. Stick to 1 Variety.

WOD: “Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
-Then (No Rest)-
1 Mile Run

*2 Scores for this WOD, Grace and the Mile are their own separate times.

*Athletes who are especially endurance-y may run up to 3 miles, if additional distance is added this should be included in score.

Core: Accumulate 2 Minutes of Hollow Rock Hold and 2 Minutes of Arch Position Hold if time allows.

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