Workout 2/4/2015


For those of you have asked yourself while flailing a PVC pipe around your head, “who the hell is this Burgener guy?” He’s the baldy in the picture above, and today you get to enjoy his version of a total. Have fun and let that PR bell ring!

 SS/WOD:  “Burgener Total”

1RM Snatch


1RM Front Squat

 *After warm up sets you are allowed only 3 attempts per movement. Oly lifts can be done as power or full versions. Lifts MUST be completed IN THE ORDER ABOVE. Unlike an Olympic lifting meet Press outs will still count, as long as you FINISH the lift with control, and everything locked out properly. Let’s get some PR’s people!

 Conditioning: 500 Meter Row for PR.

 Gymnastic Conditioning: 3 Minute ME Nose and Toes Wall Walk.

 *Nose and Toes indicates that each rep is finished with athlete touching only their nose, and toes against the wall. Obviously, athletes are encouraged to be cautious when bringing their faces close to a wall while in handstand.

 Core: 30 GHD Sit-Ups As Fast As Possible (AFAP)

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