Workout 2/3/2015


SS: Toes 2 Bar or Knees to Elbow Progressions ADV: Muscle up Practice

After 3-5 Minutes of instruction/drills working on the movement:

 Every 30 Seconds Until Steamrolled up to 10:00

1 Box Jump 30”/24”+5 Toes”2”Bar 

ADV:1 Box Jump As tall as possible+2 Muscle Ups

 *Extra Emphasis on making every rep count since the gymnastics movement is the SS. Toes should hit bar all 5 reps, if knees to elbows are done knees should literally touch elbows in all cases where the correct movement pattern is possible. Perfect, tight, crisp gymnastics movements.


WOD: “Elizabeth” 21-15-9

Power Clean 135/95

Ring Dips


Core:3 Minute ME Alternating Turkish Get Up 55/35

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