Workout 2/20/2015


SS: 6 Minute E2MOM: (every 2 minutes instead of classic EMOM).

4 Strict Weighted Pull ups (Hold a Dumbbell between the legs)+ ME Kipping Pull ups

 *Last working attempt starts at 4:00, with sets at 0:00, 2:00, and 4:00

*Drop the DB after the 4th rep (stay on bar) and complete a ME kipping set after that.

*Many different scaling options may be used, I will provide a couple of examples but try to provide the best option for each athlete who must scale: Athlete with the ability to do Strict Pull ups but not weighted could do 4 strict+ ME Kipping. Someone with no unassisted pull ups could do something like 4 band Pull ups (lightest resistance possible)+ ME Ring Row w/elevated feet.

*There is no Prescribed weight for the Dumbbell, The only guideline is to challenge oneself, but pick a DB that will allow you to complete more Kipping Pull ups than strict each round.

WOD: “5 RFT”
1 Leg Blaster
10 Tire Flips
10 Kettlebell Snatch 55/35 (5L/5R anyhow)

Core: 30 PERFECT Evil Wheels- break up as necessary