Workout 1/30/2015

SS1: Accumulate 30 Pull Ups any style but Box. ADV:4×5 Strict WTD Pull Ups (Light, full ROM)

SS2: Accumulate 30 Ring Dips ADV: 4×5 Strict WTD Ring Dip (Light)

WOD: ” 4 Rounds for Reps”
1 Minute ME Wallballs
Rest 30 Seconds
1 Minute ME Double Unders
Rest 30 Seconds
After Final Round is completed (Include rest)
1 Minute ME Wall Climbers
*This is 4 Rounds of Wallballs and Double Unders, After Resting 30 Seconds after the the 4th round complete one more minute of work with Wall Climbers as a cash out. Score is Total Reps, NO SCALING FOR DOUBLE UNDERS. Attempts count as 1

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