Workout 12/19/2014



I was so torn on how to finish this week’s “lady hulks” off I decided to leave you all with two. Have a great weekend!

SS1: 2×1 Minute Rounds ME Power Snatch @ 135/95
-30 Seconds Rest  Between Rounds

SS2: 2×1 Minute Rounds ME Power Clean+ Push Jerk @ 135/95
-30 Seconds Rest Between Rounds

Part 1: 100 Double Unders for Time
*No Sub For Double Unders, Attempts count as 1.

Part 2: 
75 Wallballs
75 KBS 55/135 
For Time

*WOD is two scores, Time for part 1 and Time for Part 2, Time starts for part two the moment part 1 is finished.