Workout 12/16/2014


Somebody told me I like to post pictures of hulk chicks, so I will dedicate the pictures for this week to lovely ladies like the one above… enjoy

SS1: 2 Heavy attempts at a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (Ground, Top of Knee, Power Position)
*Warm up lifts are recommended but please stick to only two working attempts at the complex

SS2: 2 Heavy attempts at a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (Power Position, Top of Knee, Ground) 
* Because heavy attempts have already been made you only need one or two lighter warm up lifts with the different movement before going for heavy attempts

*No Drops During Complexes

WOD: “For Total Reps”-From
1 Minute of Squat Cleans
1 Minute of Push Jerks
2 Minutes of Squat Cleans 135/95
2 Minutes of Push Jerks
3 Minutes of Squat Cleans
3 Minutes of Push Jerks