Workout 12/15/14


SS1: 1 Front Squat every 15 Seconds for as long as possible @75% of 1RM (Up to 5 Minutes/20 Reps)

*This Is one Continuous effort, once time starts athlete is to hold the bar in their front rack position without dropping or reracking bar, if this occurs athlete is done with their effort. If an athlete makes it to minute 5 they are done.

SS2: 1 Back Squat every 10 Seconds for as long as possible Same weight as SS1. 5 Minute Cap

*This is also one continuous effort, any dropping of bar or failure to complete a rep on time means athlete’s attempt is over.

WOD: “21-15-9”
Power Clean 155/105

Core: Accumulate 2 Minutes of L-Hang Hold