Workout 11/21/14


SS: 20 Minutes to Accumulate, 30 Pull ups ASHAP, 30 HSPU ASHAP
30 Ring Dips ASHAP, as many Muscle Ups as Possible

* If an athlete can do 1 Kipping pull up, they should do 30 singles. If it will take you twice as long to do 30 HSPU’s with one abmat than with three, use one, THIS IS TWENTY MINUTES TO SPEND ON GYMNASTICS WORK, MAKE IT COUNT! If you are truly challenging yourself and improving a skill you want to work on I don’t care if you spend 20 minutes working on mastering muscle ups. ONLY if you truly are working and not wasting time. the above is simply a guideline as to how one should spend this time.

WOD: “Open WOD 14.5” with 30 Minute Cap


Thruster 95/65
Bar Facing Burpees

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