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SS1:Back Squat 6×[email protected]%
SS2: Accumulate 40 Pull ups As hard as possible, Weighted, Strict, C2B, Kipping, etc.
9 Power Cleans 185/115 ADV: 225/155
7 Power Cleans 185/115 ADV: 225/155
5 Power Cleans 185/115 ADV: 225/155


SS1: 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM of:
2 Touch and go Clean Low Pull+ 1 touch and go Squat Clean and Split Jerk
*This Should be performed starting with one clean pull, a controlled lowering of the weight, touch and go clean pull (go to a shrug with NO break of the elbows), again controlled lowering to the bottom, this time after the touch the athlete performs a full squat clean, and finishes with a split jerk. Once the bar breaks from the ground on the first pull, the weight should not settle until the complex is complete.
SS2: Accumulate 30 Ring Dips as hard as possible, Weighted, strict, kipping, light band etc.
WOD: “Randy”
75 Power Snatch for time 75/45
Then- No Rest
“Helen” 3RFT
400 Meter Run
21 KBS 55/35
12 Pull ups
* Score is time athlete finishes after both workouts, no rest time between WOD’s




SS1: Back Squat 3×[email protected]%
SS2:Complete 20 Skin the cats with as much range of motion as possible. Athletes can break this up into as many sets as is necessary.
WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP
Max effort unbroken set of OHS 95/65 ADV 115/75
200 Yard Run (Fire Hydrant and back)
Max effort unbroken set of push ups
200 Yard Run (Fire hydrant and back)
*The athlete starts with OHS, doing as many reps as they can in one set, once they drop the bar the run the 200 sprint, when they come back in they will do 1 Max effort set of push ups, once they are unable to continue they must run again before doing the squats. The Sprints are the “penalty” for finishing the set and do not count towards score, score is total OHS and Push ups accumulated in the 15 Minutes
Core:3×15 GHD sit ups

Workout 9/2/2014

SS1: 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM:
2 Touch and go Snatch Low Pulls+1 Touch and go Squat Snatch+1 Snatch Balance.
*This Should be performed with 2 Touch and go low pulls (shrug with NO break in the elbows), after the second pull a controlled lower to the ground, performing a touch and go Squat snatch, once the athlete recovers with the weight overhead the athlete lowers the bar to their back and does a snatch balance. Once the weight breaks from the ground on the first pull, the weight should not settle again until the entire complex is complete.
SS2: Complete 15 Wallwalks
WOD:5 Minute AMRAP
then- Rest 1 Minute
5 Minute AMRAP
Thrusters 95/65
*Score is total burpees and thrusters together
SS3: 200 Double unders for time or, if athlete is not proficient double under practice.



Workout 8/29/14

SS1: back squats 4×[email protected]%

SS2: Complete 40 Pull ups as hard as possible, WTD, Strict, C2B, Kipping ETC.

WOD: Colorado Open WOD#5
For Time:
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95
500 Meter Row
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95
500 Meter Row
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95
*In the case of large classes ask for volunteers to run 400 instead of row, if there are enough rowers for everyone then the 400 run is NOT an option

CORE: 100 Sit ups FOR TIME:

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Labor Day Classes

Hey Team!

We have a modified schedule for next Monday’s class on Labor day! The classes held on Labor day will be:




All other classes will be cancelled!



Workout 8/28/14

SS1:12 Minutes to establish a 1RM Bear Complex in this fashion:
1 Squat Clean to thruster, lower to back, 1 Backsquat to Behind The neck Thruster.
*Rather than splitting each movement up individually as normal this time it should all be performed as basically two movements that flow the whole complex

SS2: 30 Skin the cats, 200 Double Unders or double under practice if not proficient

WOD: Colorado Open WOD#3
20 OHS 95/65
40 Med Ball Sit ups
60 Double unders
40 Med Ball Sit ups 20/14
20 OHS 95/65

*Med Ball Sit ups should be done with a touch behind the head when they lay down, and as they sit up they should touch the ball IN FRONT of their heels, slam balls or med balls can be used for the sit ups.

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