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Workout 8/26/14

SS1:12 Minutes to establish a 3RM Hang Squat Snatch (Top of knee)

SS2:Complete 30 Ring Dips as Hard as possible, WTD, strict, kipping etc.

WOD:”Colorado Open WOD#2″
For Time:
15 Snatches 95/65
20 Back Squats 95/65
10 Snatches 115/75
20 Back Squats 115/75
5 Snatches 135/95
20 Back Squats 135/95

*No Racks for WOD

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Workout 8/25/14

SS1:Back Squat 5×5 @85%

SS2: Complete 10-15 Rope climbs. If an athlete can do some legless rope climbs they should do as many of those as possible before using feet

WOD: Colorado Open WOD#1
“4 RFT”
15 Pull ups
15 Kettlbell Overhead Lunges 55/35
15 Over The Box Jump 24/20
*The Lunges Must alternate legs, athletes may choose how they switch hands for the overhead lunges, The box Jump can be a touch on top or straight over but must be facing the box when they jump aka no lateral box jumps

Core:1 ME L-Hang, 1 ME Push up Plank (perfectly straight body, if an athlete must cheat to continue they are done) 1 ME L-sit

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Workout 8/22/14

SS1:Back Squat 6×[email protected]%

SS2:5-7 Minutes Handstand Skill Practice, walks, holds, HSPU etc.

Minute 1: 1 Thruster 1 Pull up 95/65 ADV: 115/75
Minute 2: 2 Thrusters 2 Pull ups
Minute 3: 3 Thrusters 3 Pull ups
ETC. until the work cannot be completed in the allotted amount of time.

Core:For Time:
50 Sit ups
50 Kip swings
50 Sit ups

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Workout 8/21/14

SS1:12 Minutes to establish a 1RM+ 1 Clean Pull+ 1 Hang Clean (top of knee) + 1 Low Hang Clean (2″” from ground)+ 1 Jerk
*No Drops

SS2: 3×8 Bent over Row w/ Dumbell (each arm)- Heavy

WOD:For Time:
50 Tire Flips
1 Rope Climb
100 Air Squats
2 Rope Climbs
50 Power Cleans 95/65
3 Rope Climbs
100 KBS 55/35
4 Rope Climbs

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Workout 8/19/14

SS1:12 Minutes to establish a 1RM 1 Snatch pull+ 1 Hang Snatch (top of knee)+1 Low Hang Snatch (2″ from ground)
*No Drops

SS2: 3×5 Snatch Grip Push Press

WOD:For Time
Run 800
30 KBS 55/35 ADV: 70/55
50 Alternating Pistols
30 KBS 55/35
Run 800

Core:4 Round Tabata sit up, 4 Round tabata plank hold.



Workout 8/18/14

SS1:Back Squat 6×[email protected]%

SS2: Accumulate 40 Pull ups in the most difficult way possible, weighted, strict, C2B etc.

WOD:For time:10-1 Inversion
10 Burpee Box Jumps
1 Wall Ball
9 Burpee Box Jumps
2 Wallballs………….

1 Burpee Box Jump
10 Wall Balls


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