Week 7

This 2nd to last week will have the multi purpose intention of becoming excellent at the skills needed the following week. High Intensity with decreased volume, and two WODS per day to hit those skills in. You should finish early on most days. The extra time would be well spent working on your goat or mobility.


24 August Monday

WU: Coaches Choice

WOD1: TTB Tabata 16 Rnds, score is lowest number of reps achieved in all 16 rnds, encourage Athletes to attempt linked repetitions only

6 Minutes to rest and transition

WOD:5 Rounds

7 Deadlift 115/75#

3 Snatches 115#/75#

30 second mandatory rest between rounds

encourage Athletes to link all 7 deadlifts and right into the Snatch rep after the 7th deadlift


25 August Tuesday

WU:Coaches Choice

WOD1: Every Min on the Mon Steam Roller Chest To Bar Pullups. 1st min = 1, 2nd min =2, 3rd min = 3….till steamrolled by the min

WOD2: Rnd 1 = 1 Power Snatch 1 OV Squat drop the bar, Rnd 2 = 1 Power Snatch 2 OV Squat drop, 3rd Rnd…. all the way to as many rounds as possible.  WOD is completed when the Athlete can not complete all the squats of that round linked, score is number of rounds achieved


26 August Wednesday

WU: Coaches Choice

WOD1: Muscle up PR’s abr or Ring

WOD2: 3 Rnds with 1 min rest between rounds


25 Wall Ball

50 Double under

100 m Run


27 August Thursday

WU:Coaches Choice
WOD1:  100 Hang Power Cleans 65#/55# for time, Must come to full rack position each time or no rep
WOD2: 15 min EMOM

even minutes 5 handstand push ups

odd minutes 20 air squats

28 August Friday

WU:Coaches Choice
WOD 1: Find 3RM Thruster -Then-

25 Thrusters at 65% of 3RM * 10 Burpee penalty every time you drop the bar

WOD 2: 2 K Row PR

Rest 6 minutes minimum

500m Row PR


29 August Saturday

WU: Athletes Choice

WOD: Swim WOD!!