Week 6 workouts

WU:400m run,  Autopilot 15s; pushups, AS, ring dips, pullups, situps, wall ball, med ball wood chopper, burpee, star- jumps

SS:Rope Climb steam roller, set up heats and encourage athletes to encourage others to climb the rope.  1st min 1 rope climb, 2nd =2, 3rd =3….. Beginners can pull heavy bags or sleds

WOD:Squat clean and Split jerk

5x5x3x3x1xPR, post on Board

Conditioning: Run from whiteboard to wall and back 10 Burpee, run back and forth, 10 start jump, run and 10 pushup, run and 10 situp, run and 10 mountain climber, run and 10 flutter kicks, run and 10 bend and thrust, run and 10 burpee…Done


18 August Tuesday

WU:Partner Row 3k switch every 500 samson stretch/wall sit/runners lunge/prayer squat

SS:CC Muscle ups Bar and Rings

WOD:15 min Amrap

100 m yoke walk 75#/ 55#, can carry any way you like, recomend back rack position

10 tire flips

10 wall balls 20/14, can do wall balls outside


19 August Wednesday



BUY IN: 100 DU

24 MIN AMRAP – for the 24 hours Haiyan devastated Visayas


7 FLOOR TO OVERHEAD – The Day Yolanda Made Landfall

13 BACK SQUATS – 2013


100 DU in the beginning indicates the evacuation prior to Yolanda. When Yolanda hits (the 24min AMRAP), begin, then end with 100 DU, which is the persevering endurance of the recovery/relief efforts.

SS:Pick a PR and Post


20 August Thursday

WU:Cone Drills

WOD: The Hopper (different each class)


21 August Friday

WU: Dynamic Runners style wu

WOD: The “New” CrossFit Total

1 RM Clean from the ground Power or Squat

1 RM Bench Press

1 RM Overhead Squat

22nd August Saturday

WU: Volleyball, CC mobility

WOD: 30 min Team Relay Wod (2-6 people)

3 stations 2X


  • 50 Wall Balls &800M Run
  • 50 Weighted Step ups & 1000 M row
  • 50 Burpees & 100 DU


Partners may split up the 50 however they like. Conditioning portion must be completed by a single person. Switch on the second time through. Partners move to the next station once the second part of the station has been completed. Partners keep moving through the stations for 30 mins. Score is the total number of times the team gets through each station.