Week 6 Supplementary SS

Week 6 Supplementary S.S. training:  Repeat 2x this week after WODs


  • Core: CrossFit Agoge Tribute
  • Muscle up: CrossFit Agoge Tribute
  • DU: CrossFit Agoge Tribute
  • OLY: CrossFit Agoge Tribute
  • Endo: CrossFit Agoge Tribute



CrossFit Agoge Tribute:

Complete 10-15 reps of each of the following exercises;

Air Squat, HLPU, Ab-mat situps, ring dips, Pullup, Box Jumps, Wall ball, Woodchopper left and right, Burpee, Double under, HSPU


Week 5 Supplementary S.S. training Review:

Get in 1 more go at the same stuff you did last week only do it better



  • Core: 13 Card Draw: Heart= GHD Situps, Diamonds = T2B, Spades = Ab Mat Situps, Clubs= OV Squat 95#/65#
  • Muscle up: 50 Ring pushups, feet elevated higher than rings or on med ball
  • DU: 13 Minutes, every min on the min complete 27 DU
  • OLY: Thruster 115#/95# Death by: 1 rep first min, 2 second, 3 third……


  • Endo: For time: Row 1000m, 3 Sets of 13 Reps of 95#/65#, then 1 mile run