Week 6 Programming Narrative

WOW!!!, our CFL Athletes are doing great with this programming.  I saw some noteworthy scores last week!!!!! Keep it up please…..


This week I would like you to hold your workouts accountable to the 2 points of organizational development that we are working on at CFL.  Ask yourself these questions; How would my experience at CFL improve if I were to consider contributing and improving in these aspects? How as a CFL Athlete can I demonstrate Humility in regards to these improvement aspects? Finally how will my actions as a CFL Athlete contribute to the improved cultural whole of CFL?


Our Current Organizational development intentions are:


Leave No Human Behind – “We are not finished with our WOD until we all are finished.” I can personally attest to being one of the slowest runners and would always welcome someone running with me or cheering me on at the end.


Salu-tate or Burpee – (salutation; Salu-tate) – The act of reaching out your hand to another human in greeting with the articulation of “hello my name is Jody and I will be CrossFitting with you today”. The penalty for not adhering to this positive policy is a Burpee paid out to the CrossFit Longmont Culture Police.