Week 5


Thanks to all the CFL Athletes that have been completing my programing over the last 4 weeks.  We have 4 more weeks to go on this track.  Please feel free to email me at admin@crossfitlongmont for strategies and or feedback.


As for this week the CFL Athlete has the opportunity to make good decisions and get in a lot of heavy lifting in a variety of ways.  Excited to see the CF totals come in on Monday and I expect a lot of you to PR!  Watch out for “Randy” hidden away this week behind a PR on back squat.  Definitely a warning should be headed here that your lower back may be in potential danger if you try to sacrifice form for a fast “Randy” time.  Look out for the “Bear Complex” also and remember the limiting factor is how much you can safely lower into the back rack position.  Also be advised that I plan on beating the majority (93%) of your scores on the Wednesday WOD and I welcome all that will step up to the challenge.  Yes it is my workout and not seen too often in CF but welcome to CFL, this WOD will improve your work capacity and coordination.  Do not get frustrated and keep trying to find efficiency.  We end the week outside with Snatches and tire Flips, YAAAAA!


Have a great week of training CFL.  We have two more weeks like this, then a “Decreased Intensity” week, and then the CF Open WODS of 2015!  Get prepared to choose where you will put your effort because you should not try to RX the last week everyday……


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