Week 3


Week 3 is more of the same flavor of programing allowing the CFL Athlete two bag up to 2 more CrossFit Benchmark WODS,  1 Hero WOD and snag a couple PR’s :HSPU, Double Unders, Split Jerk, and Front Squat… Have fun with the Hero WOD Michael, it is one of my favorites for getting into CrossFit shape, but tough as all hell!…..SMW

27 July Monday

WU:Dynamic Runners WU


Deadlift 135/95

Bench 95/65

Cleans 75/55

Workout will be done in groups of three round robin style.  Athletes are encouraged to use the weights listed.


28 July Tuesday

WU:100 Med Ball partner tosses,CC mobility
SS:Power clean Max

20 min AMRAP


10 Pistol squats or 10 bulgarian split squats No assisted pistols

15 pullups


29 JULY Wednesday

WU:Athlete’s choice

WOD: Michael


800 M Run

50 Good Mornings 45#/35#

50 situps
SS:PR DU and Post


30 July Thursday

WU: CC Mobility

SS1: CC Split Jerk

SS2: CC Snatch balance

SS3: Pull up Max 5 min time limit

WOD: 1 mile run PR and Post

 Remember our intention for Thursday!   Athletes aim to finish yout mile at the 45 min mark.  Even if this is the only day the Athlete has been in all week, please spend yourselves in the time allotted.


31 July Friday

WU:Med Ball Golf CC Mobility, 30 Ring row broke into sets

SS: Front Squat PR No more than 2 attempts, athletes are encouraged to warm up

WOD:Hero WOD Training

20 min AMRAP

30 Box Jumps

30 Push Press 125# 85#

30 Pullups

If modding to step ups must hold a med ball 20#/14#, may jump up and step down for RX, BB must start on the floor


1 August Saturday

WU: Athletes choice

WOD: Partner WOD 3- 6min AMRAPS

30 cal row

30 burpee over the rower

30 push press #95/65

  • Back squat AMRAP with rest of time remaining
  • Score is total number of back squats
  • Tag team style, one partner working at a time. You may divide the work any way you want.