Week 1 CFL Programming 13 July – 9 September

Week 1 was designed to transition the CFL Athlete into a new programming flavor.  Pay attention to some of the new creative ideas of exercise, you will see them again.  Its recommended that you pick what day to stay out of the CFL Box this week so you can PR on at least two of these Benchmark WODS.


Week 1 Supplementary S.S. training:  Repeat 2x this week after WODs


  • Core 25 strict hanging leg raise, 1 min static knees up hanging leg raise, 25 TTB
  • Muscle up: 3×10 strict Pullups, 3 x 10 strict ring dips
  • DU; 3 Min single unders, 1min break, 4 Rounds tabata DU, 1 min break, 3 Min Single unders
  • OLY Snatch grip Low Pull 5 x3 up to 110% Snatch PR
  • Endo: 3 Min single unders, 1min break, 4 Rounds tabata DU, 1 min break, 3 Min Single unders immediately followed by Airdyne @ 85% max HR for no less than 3 minutes


13 July Monday

WU: 1000m Med Ball Run (around both Buildings), CC mobility

SS: Find Your PR = Push press (5x5x3x3x1xPR), Post on PR Board

WOD: CFL ½ Angie= 50 strict Pull Ups, 50 HLPU, 50 Good Morning 45#/35#,

50 OV Squats 45#/35#



14 July Tuesday

WU: Partner Row a 2k,

switch out every 500 meters with the non rowing partner holding a static samson stretch, AThletes may switch out legs but the objective is to hold for around 30 secs

WOD:Chelsea RX

EMOM 30min

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats

S.S. Pick a PR that you haven’t done yet then produce and post on the PR board


15 July Wednesday

WU:1 Mile Jog, CC Mobility

SS: CC Box Jump Instruction

WOD #1 Every Min On The Minute 1Box Jump, then 2 2nd min, the 3 the 3rd….13 rns total

Encourage Athletes to relax and not do more reps than prescribed

WOD #2 Aesthetically pleasing reps only Grace, Nothing quicker than 3:30 seconds


16 July Thursday

The intention of Thursday’s moving FWD will be to decrease the Athlete’s volume of CF on that day every week.  Please limit your open gym time afterward and place all effort into killing it during the short time you are in action on Thursdays.


WU: CC Mobility, Tabata Dot Drill 16 Rnds

SS: CC Wall Ball Strategy

WOD: Kelly


Run 400 meters

30 Box jump, 24 inch box

30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball


17 July Friday

WU: Coaches Choice Med ball Activity

SS: BB Burgener WU Clean and Snatch grip.

Advanced Athletes should try it with weight 65#/55#

WOD: Lynne

5 Rounds for max reps

Bodyweight bench press



18 July Saturday

Saturday WOD’s will take the following intention for the next 8 week cycle;  CFL plan on large class sizes and will encourage “bring a friend, for free”.  Programming will most likely have an outside flavor with as much creativity and team building as can be coupled together.  



WU: Coaches Choice Mobility

WOD: Partner WOD Inversion 13:1 Tire flips and Burpee

  • Outside, Partner must complete their reps before switching stations

Conditioning: 1 Mile Run, then 500 m Row PR, (please update PR Board)

  • Must run with at least 1 partner