Wednesday MAR 20th Happy Birthday Michelle Kelly

Happy Birthday Michelle Kelly!


3 min AMRAP
8 Power Snatch 75/55
8 Overhead Squat 75/55

Rest 2 min

3 min AMRAP
8 Back Rack Lunge 75/55
8 Back Squat 75/55

Rest 2 min

4 min AMRAP
8 Sit Ups
6 Toes to Bar

Ouch my ouchers, this is gonna be fun. Pedal to the Metal. Speed for your need. Go fast; die young.

Don’t set the bar down. Its only three minutes, especially the second AMRAP. The weight on the back should feel like a rest. Also, if you do drop the bar, PLEASE be careful. Check your surroundings. Follow the bar to make sure it does not run into anyone’s space. Scale weights so that you never have to put the bar down and go faster. Get uncomfortable quick.

The last AMRAP is for beach season. Note that it is longer than the rest and that the toes to bar is a smaller number.